Frequently asked questions

What is this event ?

It is an online paegent organised for kids between age 3 to 6 years that tests them on various parameters to identify the Super kid India 2021.

How to participate ?

Complete the registration and payment process . Send in the video via whatsapp to participate in the audition round when auditions start .Make sure that the video is sent via contact number provided during registartion. You can find Whatsapp link on Enquriy and Registration page.

What do I have to do for the audition round exactly ?

Send us an entertaining introduction video of your kid not more than 1.30 minutes via whatsapp from your registered mobile number. The theme of the video is comedy. Kids are free to do dance, singing, art, cooking, mimicry anything to introduce themselves.

How many participants will be selected in audition round?

Total 25 participants will be selected.

How will i know that i have been selected or not ?

The winners will be declared on our social media page and also informed via Whatsapp .

What after auditions ?

The selected participants will undergo three rounds of the contest. Each round is an elimination round and after the third round winners will be declared.

Do I get anything on participation ?

Oh hell yes. You will get a digital swag bag containing exciting offers, various certificates and workshops upon registration.

Audition video should be in which language ?

The language should be either in English or Hindi . However use of regional languages in a creative way is allowed.

What are the other rounds of competition?

At the end of each round, information about the next round will be passed on to the selected contenstants well in advance.

If my kid is not selected , will I get the refund ?

No. This is one time registration fee and its non refundable.